Making fundraising easier for challenger consumer brands

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We help start-ups and scale-ups to fundraise

Our funding experts support brands looking to raise between £250k and £5m
Investor introductions
Valuation guidance
Business planning
Presentation review
Full process management

We offer brands a unique solution

If you’re a UK based FMCG brand, we’re made for you

Smart Capital

It’s not just about the cash – it’s the right investors with the expertise to truly step-change your business

Fast delivery

No more drawn out processes – we’re efficient and streamlined so you can get back to business quickly

FMCG specialist

We know little about fashion or real estate, but we know a lot about FMCG and consumer. We know the market back-to-front

Competitive pricing

We know what you’re thinking…what’s the price tag? We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised

Modern approach

We’ll teach you the jargon you need for the process but will talk your language all the way and we’ll always work in your interests
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Meeting of the minds

The best brands finding the best investors should be easy, right?

Unfortunately, anyone that has been through a fundraise process knows it’s not. That’s why Young Foodies, the UK’s champion of challenger brands and Spayne Lindsay, the leading consumer investment bank have come together to create YF Funding.

With Spayne Lindsay’s corporate finance firepower and Young Foodies’ knowledge of the challenger community, our services give founders the support they need on their funding journey while giving them access to truly added-value investors.
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Making investing in challenger brands easier

Our network benefits from early access to exciting investment opportunities

Most exciting brands

Unique access to exciting consumer investment opportunities, specific to your preferences

Fellow investor credibility

Invest alongside consumer industry professionals to unlock the value of every investment

Time saving

A simplified approach to managing the process, making the admin, legals and communication easier

Easy online platform

Our online platform and app make it quick and easy to review and express interest in opportunities

Professional review

Our experts review presentations and financials to ensure they’re speaking your language

Events & networking

Regular events and networking opportunities with fellow investors and brands

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